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Captivated | Susan Scott Shelley

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Domingo Torres, star center fielder for the Los Angeles Riptide, needs to stay off management's radar after a Spring Training game ended in flying fists and bloodshed. He's ordered to keep a lid on his temper and a low profile for the rest of the season. Keeping his focus solely on baseball isn't a problem -- until he meets his sexy new neighbor, and his thoughts shift to a lot more than his batting average.


After years of complete control in handling every aspect of her brother's multi-platinum selling rock band, Irisa Rostov is ready to crack. And it doesn't help that the band is on the verge of self-destruction. Playing peacemaker and keeping them together for the last eight weeks of their spring concert series is all that matters, until she meets Dom, and the feelings he stirs up causes the guards around her heart to weaken.


Getting distracted by romance is the last thing Irisa wants, and being in the headlines is the last thing Dom needs, but their attraction is undeniable, their connection is immediate, and staying away is impossible. 

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Large hands cupped her shoulders. His biceps bunched as he drew her closer. “I’ve been thinking about doing this for days.”


She tilted her head back to keep her gaze locked with his. Her hands abandoned the cool granite and trailed up his chest. “Me too.”


The corners of his eyes crinkled with his smile. “When the moment’s right, you just have to go for it.”


Strong hands slipped up her neck and into her hair. He angled her face and came closer, dark eyes locked with hers. Her lips parted and her eyes fluttered closed. She strained toward him, like a magnet seeking its mate. Warm breath feathered over her face, and then firm lips closed over hers. Fisting his shirt collar, she parted her lips, teasing his tongue with hers. She tasted wine and his own flavor, darker and more potent. He groaned and drove the kiss deeper. One hand roamed her back, blunt fingers flexing on her spine. He pressed her into the counter.


Their joined lips covered her cry when the counter’s edge dug into her back. She twisted away and into six-plus feet of hard male.


He murmured his approval and lifted his head. “You okay?”


“The counter.”


“Sorry.” Keeping her in his hold, he spun her in a slow dance to the middle of the room. His hand drifted to where hers massaged the sore spot. “Let me.”


Chocolate brown eyes gazed into hers and a slow smile lifted his lips. His fingers stroked in a circle and soothed the pain. The last time she’d been wrapped in a man’s arms, she’d been naive to his motives. The last time she’d been with a man, he hadn’t been as tall or as strong, or as caring as the man holding her now. Everything about Dom was different. Bigger. Better.

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