Game of Love

Game of Love series Books 1-3

Game of Love | Susan Scott Shelley

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Get books 1-3 from the Game of Love series all in one volume! 

Rekindled, Captivated, and Enamored.

Rekindled: Years after a gut-wrenching break up, an injured pitcher and a disillusioned actress get a second chance at love, but old hurts and new fears threaten to strike them out.

Captivated: A hot-headed center fielder ordered by his team to keep a low profile tangles with a rock band manager who can't stay out of the headlines. 

Enamored: When the League's Best Mascot's on-field relationship with his talented, sexy new partner continues off-field, curve balls from every direction test whether they are better as a duo or if it's every mascot for him/herself. Meanwhile, an adrenaline-junkie first baseman helps a cautious woman take on her fears, but when their differences come to a head, can love find a way to win?