Holiday Hearts series

Each book revolves around a holiday, and features three best friends who met in boot camp and became each other's lifelines. Now out of the military, they work together at a children's toy company, play together in a men's rec hockey league,

and rely on each other to navigate through life and love’s twists and turns.  

Kiss Me Again

A marketing director looking online for love enlists the help of her company's IT guy, never expecting to find love on her side of the computer screen.

More Than Words

A burn victim hiding from the world and a former soldier battling PTSD find healing where they least expect it, but will they let love in?

All I Want

A toy maker who has sworn off love isn’t prepared for his passionate new assistant, or the feelings she awakens.


Marry Me

A March nor’easter bearing down on the East Coast the weekend of their shared wedding spells disaster for the couples. And that's only the beginning.