Kiss Me Again

Holiday Hearts series

Kiss Me Again | Susan Scott Shelley

about the book

Kira Kallis is newly thirty, tired of being single, and wants to find someone special in time for Valentine's Day. After spending years focusing on her career, she has a great job, and supportive family and friends, but life as the perpetual third wheel is lonely. Creating an online dating profile was the easy part. Navigating the lines between truth and illusion in her "matches" is a lot harder.


Hunter York has been friends with Kira for years. From morning runs to chats over coffee at the office, he loves the time they spend together. But it can't go further than that. She's his best friend's sister, his co-worker, and off-limits for too many reasons. When he learns that she's using a dating site, he insists on checking into her matches who draw too many questions and yield not nearly enough answers. Overprotective or not, he cares too much to risk anything happening to her.


The more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their connection and chemistry. Kira begins to wonder if the perfect match could have been by her side all along, and Hunter struggles with what could happen if he discards all the reasons he's wrong for her. But taking that step means going beyond paper hearts and chocolate-flavored kisses. It could mean risking a friendship they've both grown to depend on.

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They didn't talk much during the short drive back to her place. Hunter had cranked the heater full-blast and ratcheted up the radio, as if intentionally shutting down communication. When they pulled in to her driveway, she unbuckled her seat belt and turned to him. "Thanks for dinner and...  for tonight." She paused, getting up her nerve. "Do you want to come in?"


She'd expected him to turn her down, but he agreed. "Sure. There's something I want to say, anyway."


As soon as they stepped into her living room, he stopped her. "I really am sorry about what happened today with Byron."


"I'm not letting it bother me." She tossed her coat on a chair and set her purse beside it, then set about turning on lights, brightening the space with their soft glow.


He caught hold of her hand. Strong fingers drew her in, closer to his warmth and the wide expanse of his chest. "If I were him, I'd sure as hell never leave you hanging. Nothing could keep me away."


Her breath caught in her chest. He lowered his head toward hers. She'd read the intention in his eyes.



His hand cupped her jaw. He paused a breath away, and then his lips ghosted against hers—feather light touches, over and over, rubbing, teasing, and driving her crazy.


She needed more. Kira dove her hands into his hair and tugged on the short blond strands until Hunter's mouth finally fused with her, hot and hard. He groaned as his hands curled into her shoulder and hip, holding her to him, keeping her close.


This. This. This. The word chanted over and over in her mind. This was what she'd been searching for. Sparks. Fireworks. A symphony of sensations.


Rising onto her toes, she pressed herself against him. Every part of him lined up with her, and eagerness to explore every inch of him pounded through her in time with her heartbeats. She slid one hand down his neck and to his chest, roaming over tight pecs. The soft wool of his sweater couldn't conceal the hard muscles beneath her hand.


His tongue stroked against hers and his hips rocked in time with his thrusts. She couldn't get close enough to him.


He lifted his head. Breathing hard, his gaze raked over her face.


She stared back at the face she'd grown to care so much for over the years. He looked as dazed and surprised as she felt. Who knew this had been hiding between them all this time?


Hunter traced a fingertip down her cheek. "Kiss me again."

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