Love Notes

Rocked by Love series

Love Notes | Susan Scott Shelley

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For years, The Fury's lead guitarist, Zander Rostov, has been living a rock star's dream - sold out shows, platinum albums, and legions of fans. But lately, his band is constantly fighting, he's exhausted and frustrated, and he can't shake the feeling that he should be doing something more with his life. With eight more weeks of touring, he needs to figure out how to deal with the constant tension. He needs a distraction, and finds it in the form of the band's new tour manager.


Jayne Warren is looking for a distraction. After losing her beloved dog to cancer, she needs a way to channel her grief and rebuild her empty bank account. When she's asked to help out her friend's band as tour manager, it seems to be a perfect solution, until she meets the band. She hadn't planned on the sizzling chemistry and instant connection with Zander. Getting involved isn't a smart idea, especially when she seems to bring out the worst in one of his bandmates. She's dealt with high-tension bands before, but never like this, and never directed at her.


If she stays, she could be responsible for breaking up one of rock's biggest bands, but if she leaves, walking away from Zander would break her heart.

Rocked by love series