Love Song

Rocked by Love series

Love Song | Susan Scott Shelley

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Luke Thompson, The Fury's lead singer, is ready for his own redemption tour. He almost destroyed his band because of a broken heart, and thanks to his actions, they've been kicked off their label. But Luke has always been a fighter, and he has a plan to save his band and win back the only woman he's ever loved.


Audrey Pierce makes her living dressing rock stars, and is devoted to taking her brand to the next level. When Luke blows back into her life with an offer to help her do just that, by designing for the band's newly formed label, she can't turn him down. She walked away from him once because she didn't think he'd stick around, but maybe it's time to take a chance and trust.


As they work together, old feelings return, sharper and sweeter than ever. But when the band's fans turn on Audrey, her life becomes a turmoil of threats and tension, and the band's attempt at rebuilding and renewal is at risk. Will their second chance at love end on a sour note?

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Luke stared into the wide blue eyes gazing up at him. Audrey’s chest rose and fell in fast breaths. He inhaled, and her subtle spicy floral scent beckoned him closer. “I might not want to stop either. In fact, I know I won’t. What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s not the answer.”

“Maybe it’s the only answer.”

Her gaze jumped from his eyes to his mouth, then back and forth again. She lifted her hand to his chest and her fingers tightened, gripping his shirt. Vulnerability swirled in her eyes and she bit her lip. He knew that look—hesitation and consideration. He lowered their joined hands to his side and raised his other hand to cup her cheek.

Audrey’s lips parted and her head tilted into his palm.

He leaned down, until they were a breath apart, and then hovered, savoring the anticipation. He’d been waiting three years for this moment. They’d only get one first kiss.

Her hand tugged on his shirt, pulling him in. Luke closed the distance. Audrey’s lips were as soft as silk and as warm as spiced cider. He tasted a trace of vanilla. Like his favorite double-shot espresso coffee, she spiked his blood. When her tongue met his, he groaned and slanted his lips, seeking more access. Wet strokes drove his need higher, and then Audrey dragged his lower lip between her teeth. He leaned more of his weight into her, desperate to get closer.

Her body, warm and lush, molded to his form. With a soft sigh, she released his shirt to touch his neck, and then dug her fingers into his hair. Her other hand traced patterns on his back as she explored his muscles.

The light touches and firmer holds drove him crazy. He needed more. Now.

His hand glided from her cheek, down her side, bypassing the curves he intended to slowly uncover when need wasn’t wrecking his concentration. He found the small of her back and the strip of skin where her waistband met the bottom hem of her shirt. A teasing bit of skin. Soft. Warm. Sexy.

Audrey went lax when his fingers stroked that spot. She broke the kiss and leaned her head against the door. “So good.”

He lifted his gaze from the pulse jumping in her neck and smiled at the blissed-out ease in her expression. He flexed his hand, fingers spread wide, over her skin, covering more of that satin-softness. She arched her back, pressing her torso into his, and he didn’t try to hide how much she’d affected him—from the full length of his arousal, to his shaking hands, and his racing heartbeat.

On a moan, her eyes opened. She watched him as her hips lifted and pressed into his. He held her there while his pulse throbbed and his blood hummed.

She’d completely rocked his world with that kiss. Could she really walk away from their connection? Before things went too far, he needed to make sure they were on the same page. He eased back, until they were no longer touching anywhere except the hands joined at his side. “We need to talk.”

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