Love Song

Rocked by Love series

Love Song | Susan Scott Shelley

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about the book

Luke Thompson, The Fury's lead singer, is ready for his own redemption tour. He almost destroyed his band because of a broken heart, and thanks to his actions, they've been kicked off their label. But Luke has always been a fighter, and he has a plan to save his band and win back the only woman he's ever loved.


Audrey Pierce makes her living dressing rock stars, and is devoted to taking her brand to the next level. When Luke blows back into her life with an offer to help her do just that, by designing for the band's newly formed label, she can't turn him down. She walked away from him once because she didn't think he'd stick around, but maybe it's time to take a chance and trust.


As they work together, old feelings return, sharper and sweeter than ever. But when the band's fans turn on Audrey, her life becomes a turmoil of threats and tension, and the band's attempt at rebuilding and renewal is at risk. Will their second chance at love end on a sour note?

rocked by love series