LOVE Struck 

Rocked by Love series


Bassist Landry Marx has always been the quiet backbone of The Fury. He'd do anything for the hard rock band that has become his family, but prefers leaving the attention to the other members of the group. Getting caught in a compromising position with pop mega star Maddie Martinez right before the band's festival tour begins catapults him into the headlines, bringing his worst nightmares to life. But staying away from Maddie is like staying away from breathing.​

Deciding to switch from pop to hard rock costs Maddie her manager and her record label, but she gains comfort and connection and a powerful ally in Landry. The members of The Fury with their newly formed label are the only ones willing to give her a chance. Starting over is scary and the pressure is overwhelming, but it’s time to be true to herself. Joining their tour as their opening act will be a trial by fire, and acting on her attraction to Landry only ignites that flame.

Their musical collaboration is a perfect match and Landry and Maddie's sexy duets continue on and off stage, but life in the glaring spotlight cast by an insatiable fanbase and the press brings their issues and insecurities center stage. Can rock’s lone wolf and pop’s princess figure out how to stay in tune, or are they destined to become a one hit wonder?

coming in May 2021
Hands on the Guitar
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