LOVE Struck 

Love Struck | Susan Scott Shelley

Rocked by Love series

Bassist Landry Marx has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into The Fury. A small price to pay for the hard rock band that has become his family. Blacklisted by their usual promoters thanks to his run-in with a powerful industry adversary, the tour to support their new album is in jeopardy. Landry takes it upon himself to restore the band's esteem, bankrolling a return to their roots: smaller venues and secret pop-up shows. With zero room for missteps, he fights his band mates on having pop star Maddie Martinez as their opening act. She ghosted on him once, and doesn't fit into his vision for the future. At all.

Maddie is desperate to shed her good girl image. Changing genres is a huge risk, but it's time to leave her days as America’s Sweetheart behind and start being true to herself. Time to embrace her rock-and-roll roots. The members of The Fury with their newly formed label are the only ones willing to give her a chance. Except for Landry, but given their history, she can't blame him. She'll do whatever it takes to convince him, and the world, to take her seriously.
As the tour progresses, the tentative agreement to work together quickly becomes more—including sharing the stage. Landry pens his longing and wanting into lyrics and melody, and Maddie’s soulful voice is the perfect accompaniment. Their chemistry can’t be denied. When their sexy duet continues off-stage, and the song hits the top of the charts, the fans and press are watching their every move and clambering for more. In the glaring spotlight, old wounds, new fears, and past mistakes take center stage. Can rock’s lone wolf and pop’s princess figure out how to stay in tune, or are they destined to become a one-hit-wonder?

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