Making His Move

Buffalo Bedlam series

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about the book

Rod Fraser should be on top of the world—his hockey team just won the Cup. But as the backup goaltender, he didn't see any ice time during the playoffs, and the victory felt hollow. Now a free agent, he's hoping for a starting job with another team, and returns to his hometown to wait for news and enjoy the summer break. When he sees his best friend's sister, who he's had a thing for forever, and who is now single, nothing can hold him back from pursuing her heart.

Arielle Charton returned to Holiday, NY eight months earlier, to rebuild her life and mend a broken heart. The shy artist can't believe that Rod, her first crush, wants her too. She can't afford—literally or emotionally—to allow another man to distract her from her goals. But Rod is a temptation she can't resist.

Rod and Arielle's summer fling has the potential to be so much more, but can their relationship survive the defenses she's built and the uncertainty of what happens when summer ends?

Making His Move was originally featured in the USA Today Bestselling anthology Hot on Ice and has since been expanded.

Buffalo Bedlam series

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