Marry Me

Holiday Hearts series

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Join Kira and Hunter from Kiss Me Again, Aidan and Skye from More Than Words, and Emily and Damon from All I Want as they say their I do’s.

Kira and Hunter have been planning their wedding for months. When their venue goes up in smoke two months before their big day, they are left scrambling to find a new location. 

Engaged for four months, Skye and Aidan have held off on making wedding plans. Aidan fears that Skye is getting cold feet, but Skye's reluctance stems from her mother's overbearing behavior. Still, she can’t put off the wedding forever. She just wants a way to celebrate without the focus being so much on herself.

And newly-engaged Damon can't wait to marry Emily, but her family is insisting on a wedding venue that’s booked solid for the next three years. He’s not happy about waiting but doesn’t see a way around it. Emily longs for something more unique and personal but is afraid to hurt the family by breaking with tradition.

When Emily recommends her favorite vacation spot as a substitute venue for Kira and Hunter, moving the wedding from Holiday, NY to Virginia Beach, VA, Damon sees an opportunity to solve all three couples' problems—a triple wedding.  

But a March nor’easter bearing down on the East Coast the weekend of their wedding spells disaster for the couples. And that's only the beginning.

Holiday Hearts series