More Than Words

Holiday Hearts series

More Than Words | Susan Scott Shelley

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about the book

Aidan MacKay may be cool, calm, and collected in his Human Resources position for his Army buddy's toy company, but his battle with PTSD is anything but easy. Things change when he hires voiceover artist Skye Galen to record several company projects. Her voice calm, soothing, and just what Aidan needs. Their exchanges through email and phone calls only make him want more.
After being burned in a fire, Skye has become a near-recluse. Hiding from the world is easier than facing people’s reactions. She is intrigued by Aidan and yearns for more but doesn't believe he can see past her scars.
Aidan is determined to meet the woman behind the voice. Skye knows she'll have to brave the meeting if she wants her lucrative contract with his company to continue. 

Sparks fly, and they begin a tentative relationship. But Aidan fears his PTSD may scare Skye away. And Skye worries her insecurities will eventually push Aidan away. As the fourth of July draws near, fireworks are a guarantee, but they'll both have to face their biggest fears if they don't want their love to implode.

Holiday Hearts series