Pumpkin Cupcakes

Perfect Pairing

Bliss Bakery series


Sebastian and Austin's story: fake dating, so many cupcakes, catching accidental feelings, and found family.

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about the book

Sebastian Foster has spent the last few months rebuilding his life, making new friends, and mending a broken heart. He loves his job as an assistant baker at Bliss Bakery, his co-workers have become his closest friends, and they treat him like family. Everything is great, until he receives an invitation to the wedding of his cousin/former best friend and his ex. Family pressure prevents him from opting out. He intends to show everyone—including the disloyal couple who betrayed him—that his life is now fabulous and perfect. And that includes materializing a boyfriend who doesn’t exist and bringing him to the wedding.

Everything has always come easy for Austin Mitchell—making friends, finding jobs, having a supportive family—everything but Sebastian Foster. He’s crushed on the baker for months, but timing has always been an issue. When Sebastian asks for his help in the gym, the personal trainer quickly agrees, eager for more time together. He can’t ethically date a client, but that doesn’t stop him from volunteering to be Sebastian’s plus one at the wedding, or from letting his meddling, matchmaking family think that he and Sebastian are an item.

A fake relationship solves their problems… until it starts feeling all too real. Their partnership brings attraction, connection, chemistry, and understanding. But despite everything drawing them together, replacing the pretending label with something authentic isn’t easy; it means facing the doubts, truths, and worries that could tear them apart.  

Bliss Bakery series

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