Ready to Run

I took up running a few years ago. The first time out, I think I managed thirty seconds of running before I doubled over, gasping for breath. But we all have to start somewhere. So, you accept where you need to begin and then develop a plan for improvement.

I spent hours reading articles on proper running form, gait, attire, sneakers, nutrition, endurance, exercises, etc. I wanted to learn all I could, as fast as I could.

A few months later, I participated in my first 5k. With my husband by my side, we laced up our sneakers, grabbed our race bibs, and arrived at the starting line... and then the skies opened and it poured. The rain tapered off to a drizzle just before we set out on the course. The body heats up fairly quickly during a run, so the rain was refreshing.

Since that first 5k, I've participated in several others. Each race, my time has improved, and my attire has become increasingly colorful. Vivid colors make me happy. :-)

Best of all, my husband is still by my side. Doing an activity I love, with someone I love, makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Next on the list is a 10 miler race that's held in Philly every year, and then a half-marathon.

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