The Nose Knows

Scents evoke memory, and sometimes, being unprepared for it, the memory wallops you over the head, hard as a sledge hammer.

This weekend, the scent of the perfume I wore in college immediately pulled me back to a certain year, a certain guy and a certain amount of angst. I can chuckle about it now, but the memory evoked such a visceral reaction. If nothing else, my current manuscript will benefit from the rush of feelings!

The smell of fresh baked cookies sends me back to moments baking in the kitchen with my mother. The tropical scent of a certain suntan lotion brings me back to the summer I turned thirteen. The scents of coffee and tomato sauce send me back to my Italian grandparents' kitchen.

For a moment, I'm there, and I can feel them there too. I could go on and on. As a writer, I dig for emotions, and I'm grateful for these little moments. They give me time to pause, reflect and remember.