Baton Blog Hop

​In a Baton Blog Hop, each writer involved answers four questions and then passes the baton on to another person. I received the baton from Veronica Forand, who received it from our author friend, Kristin Contino. You can read their posts by clicking on their names.

What am I working on?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a trilogy involving three siblings. Once that’s completed, I have two new series lined up. I’ve already drafted out the plots and I’m eager to get started on them. My characters are clambering for attention!

I’m also looking forward to the release of a novella Veronica and I co-wrote. TACKLED BY THE GIRL NEXT DOOR will be published by The Wild Rose Press this October.

Right now, she and I are finishing our third novella together.

And now... The Baton Questions:


We are all trying to find our place in the world. We seek the place where we fit best and the people who make us feel complete and who love us for who we really are. It’s all about the connections that feed our souls. I strive to bring that feeling of belonging and completeness to my stories and give the reader mix of action, emotion, and heart-sighing moments.


I love romance. That’s why I write romance novels. It’s that simple.

Whether it’s sweeping, grand gestures or the little, everyday things someone does that shows their love, it all strikes a chord with me. I love the idea that somewhere, there’s a someone for everyone. Watching soul mates navigate the course to their happily-ever-after, you see that love can conquer the longest odds or strongest obstacles.


My writing process begins with a single scene. Whether it’s something I remember from a dream, or one line of a song lyric, or something someone says, I get a clear picture of one scene, and an impression of the characters. And then I have to figure who they are, why they’re there, how they got there, and what happens next. Sometimes that takes a while, like digging through an immense pile of sand to find a single grain, and other times, the story flows like rushing rapids. I’ll revise the plot as I go, especially when the characters demand going off in a different direction.

I have a (super fun) job outside of writing so the time of day I write varies but I do write nearly every day. I occasionally pull an all-nighter, probably drink too much coffee, and have notebooks and pens in every room of my house, in my purse and in my car, for when inspiration strikes.

The first person to see my work is my critique partner. After I’m satisfied with the manuscript, I send it to a few beta readers. My beta readers are invaluable and just all-around amazing people.

Having a supportive husband also makes a huge difference. I’m so thankful for him. He is everything I could ever wish for in a husband.

That’s it for me! For next Monday's blog, I’m passing the baton to my friend, Ruby Bassett. Her novel, Idol Wishes, will be available on July 11th from The Wild Rose Press. Check in with her next Monday.

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