Romance Weekly - Author's Questions

Fresh questions today from Romance Weekly! Read on to find out about character names and plotting methods.

1. How did you go about choosing the names for your characters?

Depending on the book, my method varies! Often, I search name meanings to find one that embodies something significant about my character. Sometimes, the name will have personal meaning to me, such as naming a character after a friend or someone who has helped me in some way. Occasionally, it's based on a something random that pops into my head and when that happens, I go with it, and figure there's a reason for that particular name, even if I can't figure it out right then.

2. Where did the inspiration for your current book come from?

You know those music channels that offer "pop up" facts about the artist while their song is playing? Well, one of those "pop up"s planted the seed for the novel I'm currently plotting. As soon as I read it, a sliver of a scene popped into my head in vivid technicolor. I knew there was a story in there...all I had to do was dig and dream and let the rest of it come to me. I'm really loving this plot!

In the romantic suspense series I'm currently finishing up, the hero of the first book is a police officer, and the police department is featured in all of the books. My inspiration was my dad. He was a cop in Philadelphia for twenty years. I've always loved police dramas and police reality shows. Being from a large family, I enjoy writing about siblings and their relationships. In this series, I combine both.

3. What methods do you use to ensure you have no plot holes (journal, storyboard, outline, editor, etc.)?

I use an outline and a more detailed storyboard. Once that's written, I play devil's advocate to make sure the plot is as tight and free of holes as it can be. I have a few amazing writer and reader friends who are always willing to voice their opinions, as well. Being fabulous creative types, they offer the most inventive suggestions that render any plot hole-free.

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