Dinner in 15 Minutes?

Can you make a meal in fifteen minutes or less? Absolutely! The writers of Romance Weekly tackle that question this week. Jeana E. Mann was the previous stop. Check out her recipe here.

During the week, when writing rules, my prep time for meals can dwindle. Fast meal options are a lifesaver. Here is my favorite:

The Dinner Salad (serves 2-4)

A few cups lettuce (I prefer spinach lettuce. If you like a crunch, go with romaine.)

1-2 tomatoes (Beefsteak or vine-ripened)

1 carrot

1 stalk celery

Two bell peppers (Extra points of you choose two different colors!)

A few spears of broccoli

1 cucumber (I prefer seedless)

Add in any other veggies as you like. Beets, radishes, onions, mushrooms, olives, etc. Or, go crazy and toss in some fruit!

For all veggies, slice and dice at whim.

Don't forget the protein! Add in whatever you have on hand. Chickpeas, fish, nuts, chicken, beef, soy protein, feta cheese, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Healthy fats are a DO! Your body needs fat in order to absorb vitamins A, E, D, & K. To reap the benefits of this dish, make sure you're getting some fat, either from your choice of protein or dressing.

Do you dress or undress your salad? A word about dressing: Read the labels for serving size and nutrition info. Several are high in saturated fat and sodium. An alternative is oilve oil and vinegar (calorie-watchers will want to measure out a serving). Or, make your own. It's easy!

Craving carbs/bread? Add a whole-wheat or whole-grain roll.

Toss all ingredients in a large bowl.

Serve. Enjoy a plateful of antioxidant power! :-)

Too much repetition can be boring, and the nice thing about this meal is that it changes depending on the vegetables, fruit, and protein I have on hand.

Up next, check out Rhenna Morgan's recipe.

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