Flash Fiction - A Romance Weekly Post

Can you tell a story in 150 words or less? This week, the authors of Romance Weekly are all writing a piece of flash fiction, using three words: scarf, chocolate, and candle. The idea is brought to you by Susan Peterson Wisnewski.

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Xio Axelrod's flash fiction. I had the pleasure of meeting Xio at RWA's Conference in San Antonio last month, and she is fabulous! Sometimes, you meet people and instantly know that they will become a friend. Be sure to check her out if you missed her.

My flash fiction was inspired by my recent viewings of Autumn decorations at a local store. I'm a total Summer baby, but now, I'm craving cool days, hot cocoa, pumpkins and, of course, football!

Suitcase in hand, Harper exited the train. Wind whipped through the trees, scattering the platform with red, orange, and yellow leaves. Almost like confetti. Grinning, she looped her scarf around her neck. Soft cashmere would ward off the chilly autumn air during her five-block walk.

The bright lights of Broadway seemed a million miles away from the pumpkins and bales of hay decorating the porches and lawns of her old neighborhood. Lured by the dream of stardom, she’d spent three years chasing the spotlight. And missing her family, her hometown, and her mother’s hot chocolate.

Her boots clicked against the pavement, her pace increased with every step. She turned onto the last block. Candles in the windows of the corner house gleamed like a beacon. Yearning overwhelmed her excitement and propelled her movements. She tightened her grip on her luggage and sprinted up the creaky wooden steps.



That's it. I hope you enjoyed my piece. Next up, please follow me over to visit the lovely Meggan Connors.

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