Why I Love Football

Today marks the return to the regular NFL season. Game one is tonight, and I'm excited. One of my pet peeves is people who think women watch sports because of cute players in tight pants/uniforms. In the words of Chad Johnson, "Child, please." That notion is frankly, just adorable.

Yes, some athletes are attractive, and no, that is not the reason I watch games. I couldn't care less about tight pants. I watch sports because I love sports. I love the history, I love the dedication, I love the action, and I love the human interest stories and the positive difference athletes make in their communities.

While I've always been a hockey fan, I wasn't a big football fan until about eight years ago. When life derails you in a major way, often, sports are one thing we can focus on, to help us forget, just for a little while, that things aren't right in our world. They offer a welcome distraction while we deal with the heartache and disappointment and tragic events that life sends our way.

Books do the same thing, and there are a few certain authors who really helped me get through that dark time.

But, to stay on point, I learned more about the game and I learned a lot about the players. I watched old footage and current game and highlights, and became inspired by players and coaches, old and new. I've had the pleasure of meeting Legends of the Gridiron and current players. I now have several favorites, on various teams, that I'll be rooting for this season.

Every morning, when I sit down to write, one of my must-haves is my favorite coffee mug, inscribed with a wonderful quote by Vince Lombardi. I picked it up when I visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame a few years ago. If you haven't been... Go! It's fabulous!

I'm excited about this season, and hope the players I selected for my fantasy teams play well. After all, to quote Vince, "If winning isn't everything, then why do they keep score?"

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