Meet My Character - Samantha O'Brien from Tackled By the Girl Next Door - Part 1

In this Meet My Character Blog Tour, you've hopefully followed me over from Veronica Forand's site, and the backstory on her character.

My character, Samantha O'Brien, is taking the stage today. Sam is the heroine in Tackled by the Girl Next Door.

Sam abandoned her big city job when her mother died in a car accident. She came home, to the small Pennsylvania town where she grew up to take care of her brother Kevin, to help him finish high school, and add some sense of normalcy to his life.

She's no stranger to grief. Her military husband's death left her a widow at the age of twenty-five. That loss gutted her but she found solace on her morning runs. She and her husband had shared runs at dawn, running side by side, discussing their hopes and dreams for the future and she kept up the tradition as a way to honor his memory and heal her heart.

Sam is responsible and loyal. She's strong and a rock for her brother, even if he is too cocky to admit needing her help. She'd do anything for her family and she'd do anything in the world for her best friend, Jason Black, a pro football wide receiver recently downed by a career-ending knee injury.

Check back next week for an excerpt from their story.

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