Meet My Character - Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Meet My Character, where each author introduces you to a character from their book or work-in-progress.

Last week, I followed the blog hop from Veronica Forand's page. To read about Red, from her novella Code Red (available now), please click here.

This week, I've received the baton to play along from my buddy, Xio Axelrod. Her character interview is awesome! Philadelphia native and global citizen, Xio Axelrod writes contemporary love stories, sexy romance and what she likes to call “strange, twisted tales.” She is the author of the upcoming Falling Stars series. Please visit her:

Last week, I told you a little bit about Samantha O'Brien, from Tackled By the Girl Next Door, a novella I co-wrote with Veronica, which releases on October 15th. So, this week, I'm sharing an excerpt.

She set her glass on the table and placed her hand on the corded muscles of his forearm. “Wait until you see what I made for dessert.”

His glance landed on her hand and then shifted to her eyes. “Knowing you, it’s chocolate.”

She pulled her hand back onto her lap as he shoved a scoop of pasta into his mouth. “Not just chocolate. It’s better than sex. Want some?”

He coughed around a mouthful of food and set his fork down. “Excuse me?” She leaned toward his ear and whispered, “That’s the recipe name. Better Than Sex brownies.”

“Oh.” A muscle jumped in his jaw. His gaze roamed over her, and the room’s temperature rose from comfortable to sultry. After a long moment, he turned back to the TV.

She reached over him to grab the wine bottle on the end table and lost her balance, landing on his lap. His arms closed around her. “Nice catch.” She laughed and stretched for the bottle.

His grip tightened. “You’re already past your usual limit.”

“Keeping watch on me?”

“Someone has to.” His voice deepened, and his finger grazed under her chin. Was the wine causing her to see desire in Jason’s eyes that wasn’t there?

She scrambled to her feet. “Let me grab dessert.”

She carried their plates into the kitchen. Drawing in slow, deep breaths, she prayed for clarity, then returned to the living room and set the brownies in front of him. The plate piled high with warm brownies blocked his view of the game.

His eyes on the screen, Jason pushed off the floor and sat on the couch. She jumped onto the cushion next to him, snuggled into his side, and sighed. His muscles stiffened. “Did I hurt you?” She glanced at his face. Had she landed too hard?

Ignoring her question, he reached for the plate, broke a brownie in half, and handed her a piece. “Here.”

Sam lifted the brownie to his lips. “You first.”

He took a bite and groaned. The sound drew Sam closer. She rested her fingertips on the rough denim covering his knee.

Jason set the other half of the brownie on the plate and turned to her. He was so close his breath tickled her cheek. “Really good.”

She inhaled his scent and popped the rest of the brownie in her mouth. Rich, dark cocoa exploded on her tongue. Chocolate chips melted into perfect gooey consistency enriched the flavor. She blew out a breath. “This is definitely better than sex.”

How had that slipped out? No more wine for her.

Up next are my friends Codi Gary, Lynn Kellan, and Adele Downs. Please visit them next Thursday for the inside scoop on their characters! I LOVE their books and can't wait to read more!

Codi Gary writes for Avon Impulse and Books With Benefits Press. I met her at a writer's convention in 2013 and instantly knew I'd found a kindred spirit. Her books are awesome too. Check her out:

Lynn Kellan is a friend from my local writing group. She's awesome! Her novel Clear As Glass releases on October 22nd from The Wild Rose Press. Please visit her:

Adele Downs is another friend from my local writing group. She's fabulous! And, a fellow football fan (yay!). Her novella, Naturally Yours, releases on October 7th, from Buroughs Publishing. Please visit her:

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