Dating Disasters - A Post for Romance Weekly

Today's question come to us from Collette Cameron. Many of our heroes and heroines have had a rocky beginning. Let’s hear some real life stories about disastrous dates.

Collette Cameron was the previous stop. Her story of her first date with her husband is awesome!

My disastrous dates come from the world of online dating.

One date was with a man who clearly had anger management issues. Extreme road rage on a first date is a red flag. At least to me.

The next guy started things off by using another guy's image in his profile picture. On our first date, I'm waiting by the bar and a dark-haired guy approaches and calls me by name. Color me surprised as I was waiting for a blond. Facial features didn't match either. Over the course of the evening, his profession changed three times, from sunglasses model, to teacher, to bricklayer. Oh joy. I have since found the man in his profile image in magazine ads.

The next guy listed himself as 6'3. We met up, and he was maybe an inch taller than me. I'm 5'2 and was wearing flats. I can understand fudging a couple of inches (I've done it, hello 5'3!), but an entire foot???

When you lie about the things that people will notice on first glance, it makes me wonder if you'll lie about the big, important things too.

Those guys were the tip of the iceberg. We'll leave out the lawyer who kept calling me by the wrong name, the guy who had a girlfriend, and the one who was only into using online dating for one thing...

Not all of the dates I had were disasters. I met a couple of nice guys, but sparks didn't fly on either side to generate enough heat for a long-term romance.

After two years of meeting Mr. Wrong, I was fed up, done with online dating and decided I liked my life just fine the way it was, boyfriend or not. If I didn't have a real boyfriend, then I'd stick with my book boyfriends. Romance novels rock!

But before I pressed cancel my account, I received an email from a guy I'd been chatting with for a few weeks. He asked me out and I agreed. I went into the date with zero nerves, no fluttering stomach. I decided, in my new world-weary attitude, that I was not going to get excited about it in case it didn't work out.

He picked me up and we drove to a new restaurant I'd read about. The directions were wrong. I'd copied them incorrectly. I had recently moved to the area but didn't know my way around. He wasn't from the area and we didn't have a GPS. Phones didn't have that capability either. We drove around for a while. He kept calm, he made jokes, and we eventually found the restaurant. During dinner, I kept thinking about how cute he was and how nice. He held doors, was well-spoken, and we had enough similar and different tastes and opinions on a variety of topics to keep the conversation very interesting.

That was the night I met the man I would eventually marry.

My online dating disasters had come to an end.

When you stop looking for love, it finds you.

Every year, when noting important dates on the calendar, I circle the date of our first date with a heart. Although I'd like to forget some of my disastrous dates, I'll never forget the date I met my forever hero.

Now, let's head over to Kim Handysides. I can't wait to see what she has to say!

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