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Release Day!


Today is release day for Flirting on Ice, another collaboration novella from Veronica Forand and me.

The hero of the story is the first-line center of a professional hockey team. The heroine is the team owner's daughter, and a relationship between them is forbidden. How can they resist temptation?

We hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed writing it.

It's often been said that two heads are better than one, and in the co-writing process, both of us are equally involved in all aspects: brainstorming, plotting, writing, publishing, and promotion. Veronica is great at plotting, and brainstorming sessions with her always result in great ideas and a lot of laughs, plus copious amounts of coffee or tea. Caffeine is a fantastic idea-generator.

I'm a huge hockey fan (football & hockey are my favorite sports), and since Veronica likes hockey too, writing about hockey players was an easy decision. They have a reputation for being the toughest athletes, and from what I've witnessed at rinks, player meet-and-greets, and on TV, that's true, AND they are some of the nicest guys in the world.

For this release, we wanted to do something special. The NHL founded a wonderful initiative to take a slap shot to cancer. (Check out Hockey Fights Cancer). As part of today's Release Day fun, Veronica - a Boston Bruins fan, and I - a New York Rangers fan, are engaging in a competition:

A Release Day Power Play in social media. Whoever gets the most retweets, favorites, likes, and shares from her respective NHL team (and their fans), wins.

The winner will make a donation, on behalf of her favorite team's fans, to Hockey Fights Cancer.

The loser will likely have to wear the winner's team colors...gulp... :-)

Please join in, on Twitter and Facebook, and help us (meaning, me! because I don't look good in yellow...) win, and help support this worthy cause.

Release Day is exciting, and I'm so grateful and blessed to be able to do what I love. MAJOR thanks to my husband, Superhero, for all of his love and support as I continue this writer's journey.

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