All I Want For Christmas - A Romance Weekly Post

This week's prompt comes to us from Sarah Hegger:

All I want for Christmas is...

If you're following along our blog hop--fabulous! You've joined me from the lovely Xio Axelrod's site. If you missed her post, check it out!

What's on my list this year? I don't really need anything. That fact, in and of itself, is a reason to be grateful.

While driving home today, I heard "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas" on the radio. I never wanted a hippo, but I would love an elephant. Too bad I don't have a big enough yard... :-)

Wanting less frizzy hair, or my freckles to fade, are everyday wants, but I don't expect a Christmas miracle on those.

What I would like is for my parents to be healthy, for my brother to adjust well to his new job, and for someone very dear to me, who is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle, to receive one.

While this year has been filled with many wonderful, magical, happy moments, there have also been periods of intense stress, worry, set-backs and frustrations. And so, all I want is to start off with midnight mass on Christmas Eve, then sleep for eight uninterrupted hours, followed by a quiet morning with coffee and Superhero, and then a wonderfully chaotic afternoon and evening with the family. That's all I want, and all I need, this year. It's about soothing the spirit and savoring the special moments with those I love most.

Now, let's visit Collette Cameron and find out what she wants for Christmas.

What are you wishing for this year? Whatever it is, I hope you receive it. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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