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Release Day! Snowy Days, Steamy Nights

SDSN Release.jpg

Today is release day for Snowy Days, Steamy Nights: Come in from the cold, a multi-author anthology. Being a part of this process, along with fellow authors Katy Regnery, Jamie Farrell, Kate Forest, Jennie Marts, and Veronica Forand has been a blast!

The six novellas are all different but share a common theme - love in winter.

Having known these ladies for a while now, I can honestly say that they are incredibly warm, generous, wonderful people.

In addition to them, several other people deserve a thanks - namely my sister Kate, and my writer friends Tina Cambria and Heather Bitzer, all three looked at eleventh-hour revisions and lost the precious commodity known as sleep.

Thanks also go to Superhero, who is my biggest supporter. I always say that I traded up when I married him. His sports knowledge knows no bounds, and watching games or old game footage, or discussing stats and averages with him is always fun.

Thanks too, to my reviewers. You rock :-)

So whether you love the brisk chill of winter and time outdoors, or you endure the season wrapped layers of flannel, wool, and fleece, I hope you'll enjoy the stories in this book. My preference for reading is curled up on a chair, wrapped in a blanket my mom crocheted for me, drinking hot tea. The. Best. :-)

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