Flash Fiction - Romance Writer's Weekly

This week's Romance Writer's Weekly prompt is courtesy of Veronica Forand:

Write a piece of flash fiction using three words: Spring, lizard, and coffee.

Beth Carter was the previous stop on the blog hop. Her story is not to be missed!

And now...my story:

I stumbled out of bed, squinting against the bright sunlight spilling through the window. Two days after the official start of Spring, and my internal clock still hadn't adjusted to the time change.





Bleary-eyed, I fumbled my way into the kitchen, opened the cabinet.

Horror, rage spiked my blood until my vision ran red.

Damn roommate finished the blasted coffee.

Life's blood.

I thundered into the street. Growling, sneering, stomping. The convenience store on the corner, a beacon.

My feet ate up the distance faster than the Japanese lizard chomped down cars.

I ripped the door open, smashing through anything foolish enough to get in my way.

Forget a cup. I grabbed a pot.



And drank.




Sanity restored.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way about coffee. :-)

I'm the last stop on the tour, so if you missed any, circle back to the beginning, Xio Axelrod started us off. With this talented group, I guarantee you won't want to miss any stories!

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