Character Traits - A Romance Writer's Weekly Post

This week's Romance Writer's Weekly prompt comes to us from Xio Axelrod.

Readers always ask "How much of yourself do you lend to your characters?" What traits do your characters have that come from you? And if not you, someone in your life.

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How much of myself is lent to my characters? Well - they all seem to like coffee :-) And, because I'm often cold, the word warm pops up quite a bit...

I do draw from myself and from those around me. Emotions, defense mechanisms, reactions to conflict, overall enthusiasm...

Are you calm, cool, and collected, or a fiery mess of drama? Argumentative or easy-going? A hard worker or a free loader? Driven or content? Glass half-empty or half-full? Be careful - parts of you may end up in my book!

Whether it's a trait I admire, or one that drives me crazy, all have a place in the right story, for the right character.

What are some character traits you love or hate? Share!

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