What's Your Walk-Up Song? A Romance Writers Weekly Post

This week, I've posed the question to the group:

A player's walk-up song (aka Entrance Theme), whether he's heading to the pitcher's mound or the batter's box, can tell a lot about him. What song would you choose for yours?

The fabulous Leslie Hachtel was the previous stop on the blog hop. If you missed her walk-up song, definitely go back and check it out.

I was thinking about walk-up songs as I watched a Phillies game recently. Chase Utley came up to bat, and the intro to Led Zeppelin's Kashmir blared from the stadium speakers. He's used that song for years. You hear the music and immediately know who's on his way to the plate. It's the same with WWE wrestlers. Entrance themes play into character. You hear the intro to Meat on the Table and you know Ryback is about to run down to the ring. (That's a cool one, too. "Feed Me More". Love him!)

For my own walk-up song, I think I'd have to choose Volbeat's Warrior's Call. I love the way it starts off with the drum beats, and then builds, and builds. And then Michael Poulsen's voice comes on, like a boxing ring announcer, and then the guitars, and drums and rapid pace take over. It's full of energy and completely awesome. Definitely gets your blood pumping!

At other times, I'd like to use Godsmack's I Stand Alone. I can totally see a ball player using this one, because he's standing alone at the plate, bat in hand, and with one swing, has the potential to change the outcome of the game. Dom Torres, my hero in Captivated, uses something similar to this song.

I can also see myself using Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. The lyrics don't make much sense, but practically everyone recognizes the opening chords. (Really, someone did a study on this...) I like the idea of using something so recognizable, and also so ingrained in my teenage years (even though it actually came out when I was a kid). It's loaded with angst and energy, and lately, I've been feeling a lot of angst when I look at my to-do list :-)

So, that's me. :-)

Up next, follow me over to the amazing Carrie Elks' site to see what she's selected.

What song would you choose?

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