Day Job Details - A Romance Writers Weekly Post

This week's Romance Writers Weekly question comes from Jeanne McDonald - Outside of writing, what is your day job? What inspired you to take on this job and would you ever consider giving it to one of your characters?

Hopefully, you've joined me after visiting my fabulous friend, Xio Axelrod.

You know the voices you hear in radio and TV commercials? Well, that's what I do.

I'm a voice over artist.

Some of the projects I've voiced include videos explaining products or advertising company services, apps for children, beauty and hair tutorials, educational software (for corporations, children, travel destinations, and language-learning), on-hold messages, car commercials, and TV commercials for an aquarium.

My days are spent in a recording booth, or in front of the computer editing the voice files. The rest of the time is spent writing my novels, and fitting in a workout, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I'm incredibly blessed to have a job that I love. The best part is that I get to work with my husband. For a peak at what we do, click here.

Would I ever create a character who is a voice over artist? That's a fun idea. It's the perfect job for a loner, you can live anywhere in the world and don't have to be tied down to one spot, each project is different, and you can learn a lot from the projects you voice. But, it can also be lonely working by yourself all day, so extroverts may go crazy. Income isn't steady, like it is at most 9-to-5 jobs.

And you're responsible for everything - marketing, accounting, healthcare, filing quarterly taxes, etc. Being your own boss is a lot of work, but when you're doing something that makes you happy, it's absolutely worth it.

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