Would You Rather- A RWW Post

This week, Victoria Barbour is asking us some super fun questions:

Let's play a game of Would You Rather...

I'm leading off the blog hop this week, and Tracey Gee is rounding it off, so circle around until you land on her page.

1. Would you rather - eat haggis or chocolate covered bugs?

Haggis. I'm half Scottish, so it's probably part of my cultural duty to at least taste this at some point in my life. Yes, if you think about what you're eating, it's gross. But not as gross as bugs. (I really don't like bugs). Haggis was sort of romanticized by Robert Burns, (search Burns Night traditions). Down some whiskey, and get your tartan on.

2. Would you rather - skydive or scuba dive?

Scuba. It would be so cool to see underwater life up close and personal. Cue up The Little Mermaid soundtrack. But NOT the Jaws soundtrack. That's the last music I'd want to hear...

3. Would you rather - red headed hotties or blonde haired hunks or dark haired heroes?

First - YAY for brunettes! LOVE them! And not just because I happen to be one.

But I don't know.... I've always wanted to be a redhead. And the stereotypical fiery temper means a passionate personality. Check out the smolder on this one:

But then you think of someone like Thor (both Hemsworth & the Mets player) and his flowing golden locks, and *sigh*.

So many men, so little time, SO hard to decide. :-)

4. Would you rather - no reviews or all three star reviews?

Having ALL three-star means that while people liked it, they didn't love it. They didn't experience a connection. They weren't moved. And we all want people to be moved by our words. (That being said, one person's 3 is another person's 5. Like all things, it's subjective). But having no reviews would make me sad because you can't tell if people are reading it, or how they felt about it at all. So I don't know, I supposed I'd take the three's over the zero.

5. Would you rather - be stung by one wasp 10 times or 10 bees one time?

Tough one. Probably 10 bees at one time so I can get it over with. Stretching out the wasp ten times would be harder to endure. I've only ever been stung by a bee once, when I was a little kid. I remember my arm swelling up. I don't know what would happen if ten attacked me at once.

Victoria Barbour is up next. Follow me on over! Can't wait to see her answers.

Thanks for reading!

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