Go-to Tunes -- A Spice Aisle Post

We all have playlists — for working out, primping for a night out, relaxation, driving, etc. But do any of your songs cross over?

Here’s a song that pulls double duty for me: “Eye of the Tiger”.

I’ve seen the Rocky movies countless times over the years. Maybe there’s an extra affinity because he’s from Philly and he’s Italian…I don’t know…but I like them.

This song works not only for working out (it’s on my running and kickboxing playlists), but it’s also background music when I’m writing or editing against a deadline. If Rocky can run through South Philly and up the Art Museum steps (if you come to Philly, you HAVE to run up those steps!), and can train like crazy in all sorts of weather, then I certainly can bust through whatever task is at hand and pound it into submission. :-)

For your viewing pleasure, here’s Jensen Ackles from Supernatural lip-syncing the lyrics. Enjoy ;-)

And one full of Rocky highlights:

What are some of your go-to tunes?

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