The Best Medicine - A Spice Aisle Post

In honor of National Humor Month, we’re talking laughter.

So. True.

And it really is the best medicine:

Laughter releases bunches of feel-good hormones. Research finds that humor can help you cope better with pain, enhance your immune system, reduce stress, even help you live longer. So you should, you know, do it a lot. :-D

And how’s this for an “aww” moment:

I’m lucky that I’m married to a man with a wonderful sense of humor who makes me laugh every single day. But the best feeling is when I make him laugh.

In books, movies, and real life, I always fall for the funny guy. And in friendships, I’m lucky to have several shades of humor in several different people.

Which leads me to one more quote:

So there you have it. Celebrate the folks who bring laughter into your life.

And if you need more laughs, check out National Humor Month’s official website:

Wishing you a day filled with belly laughs and giggles,


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