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Release Day for Making His Move

Today is release day for Making His Move! I'm so excited to see Rod and Arielle out in the wild! :-)

We're in the thick of the second round of the NHL playoffs too, although a few of my favorite teams are on the brink of elimination... But the atmosphere surrounding each game is electric, and every game counts, so even if some of the outcomes haven't been in my teams' favor, they have still been a blast to watch.

But back to the book!

Making His Move was originally featured in the USA TODAY bestselling Hot On Ice: A Hockey Anthology. While the anthology is no longer available for sale, you can grab my story now, and the other authors' anthology stories are being re-released too.

My story follows Rod Fraser, a backup goalie. A few of my favorite NHL goalies are backups for their teams, so I really wanted to do a story that featured the backup as the hero because I don't think they get enough love or support.

Here's the official blurb:

Rod Fraser should be on top of the world—his hockey team just won the Cup. But as the backup goaltender, he didn’t see any ice time during the playoffs, and the victory felt hollow. Now a free agent, he’s hoping for a starting job with another team, but prospects aren’t looking good. He returns home to Holiday, NY to wait for news and to bring the Cup to his hometown. When he sees his best friend’s sister, who he’s had a thing for forever, and who is now single, nothing can hold him back from pursuing her heart.

Arielle Charton returned to Holiday eight months earlier, to rebuild her life and mend a broken heart. The shy artist can’t believe that Rod, her first crush, wants her too. But as drawn to him as she is, can she learn to trust again? Her heart wants to say yes, but her brain says no. Given his history of jumping from interest to interest, she’s afraid she’s the next new thing and he’ll drop her when the thrill has worn off. She can’t afford—literally or emotionally—to allow another man to distract her from her goals.

Rod has made his living making impossible saves but it’s going to take a huge play to convince Arielle that she’s won his heart.

This book kicks off my Buffalo Bedlam series which follows a pro hockey family. It also ties in to my Holiday Hearts series (more books are coming there, too!). I hope you enjoy reading about the Fraser siblings. For teasers and an excerpt and where you can buy your copy, just click here.

Thank you, and Happy Reading!

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