The Joy in Simple Things

I'm so happy to be a part of an idea that my author friend Trish Milburn created: Upbeat Authors. Each week we’ll have a different theme designed to help support and inspire fellow authors, our readers and anyone who could use a bit of positivity, a fresh and happy outlook on life and how to live it. Each week's theme will be identified by the hashtag #upbeatauthors on social media. Each author will be sharing graphics, social media updates, blogs, etc., on this topic and what it means to them.

This week's topic is the joy in simple things. So often, life can be overwhelming, and stressful, and harsh, and one of the easiest ways to feel better -- fast -- is to take pleasure in the little things.

Like a cup of coffee or tea.

Holding a conversation, or the hand, of someone you love.

Getting out in nature and appreciating the beauty and peace.

Reading a favorite book.

Painting, drawing, or listening to music.

Doing one or more of these simple things every day, taking time to be present in the moment, goes a long way toward helping me feel better, more centered, more focused, and a lot happier.

Being happier and less stressed, means being healthier too, mentally, emotionally, and physically. (Seriously, stress hormones wreak A LOT of havoc in the body. You owe it to yourself to find ways to ease the stress.)

I hope you'll find the Upbeat Author posts to be helpful and that they'll brighten your day.

Thanks for stopping by!