Places I've found story inspiration

Today's #UpbeatAuthors topic is: Places you've found inspiration for stories.

For me, story inspiration is everywhere.

I'm a huge sports fan, so I've found story inspiration at the hockey rink, football and baseball stadiums.

I love the beach, and have set an upcoming summer (my favorite season) novella there (it's featuring one of the hockey players from my Buffalo Bedlam series).

And, I live in Philadelphia, and get tons of ideas for stories while walking around the city. The city will be featured in two upcoming series: one revolving around a football team and the other is a romantic suspense.

Inspiration can strike at any time. I recently was in a grocery store at 10pm on a Friday. (I loathe shopping when the store is crowded, so late nights are the best time for me). Anyway, I saw a super tall, heavily muscled man covered in tattoos, holding a six pack of beer in one hand. He stood in the floral section of the store (adjacent to where I was among the fruits & veggies) and pondered over various bouquets for a good five minutes. After selecting a brightly colored bouquet of mixed flowers, he headed for the checkout. Immediately, I concocted stories for him. Who was he? Why was he purchasing only those two things? Where was he heading next? By the time I'd finished my shopping, I'd come up with ten different scenarios for him. :-)

So... inspiration is everywhere. And it helps if your imagination runs wild too. :-)