You should never be too busy to...

Today, the Upbeat Authors are filling in the rest of this phrase:

You should never be too busy to...

My first thought is, you should never be too busy to spend time with those who matter to you. Life can change drastically in the span of a moment, and too often people say, "If I'd only spent more time with him/her."

So make that time. Take the break from your responsibilities and spend that afternoon with your parents, your sister, your grandmother, or your best friend.

Another thing that keeps coming to mind is, you should never be too busy to enjoy the moment. So much of life is spent worrying about the future, or just "getting through" the present in order to get to the future. But life is made up of a series of present moments. We're always living in the "now", not "the future", so if you keeping rushing along, you miss the journey. You miss all the little things that will finally get you to that end point. You need to be present in your life. To take the time to appreciate where you are so that you can fully appreciate where you are going. Take the time to appreciate the sunset or to breathe in flower-scented air. Take the time to appreciate the stepping stones before you reach the next shore.

You should also never be too busy to make time for yourself. Self-care isn't an indulgence. It's a necessity. You owe it to your spirit. You can't pour from an empty vessel.

So those are my top "You should never be too busy to" thoughts. Be sure to check out the #UpbeatAuthors hashtag and follow along.

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