Sounds from the Stage - A Spice Aisle Post

I grew up watching musicals, raised on Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. You name it, I watched or listened to it. My mom loved them (my dad... not so much). And the soundtracks, whether original cast recordings or special guest stars, were magical. I have a ton of them in my collection and they turn my car into my own personal stage. You can't be in a bad mood or get annoyed with a traffic jam when singing along with "By Jeeves" or "Love Changes Everything". :-)

Les Misérables accompanied my high school years. The drama and feelings were real when singing along with "On My Own". (My absolute favorite Marius was Michael Ball. That man can sing anything at all and I will buy it.)

And then, and then, came Phantom of the Opera. "Think of Me", "The Music of the Night" (Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Michael Crawford's voice there?), and "All I Ask of You". O-M-G. Love.

Cats, Aspects of Love, Chicago, Sunset Boulevard, Rent, Evita, Wicked, Avenue Q, A Chorus Line, Hamilton, the list goes on and on, I could talk about (read: gush over) music and lyrics F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

With growing up watching people in movies and in plays randomly breaking into song, I'd like to end this post by saying that I was pretty disappointed when I realized that most people in real life -- aside from my theatre-loving friends -- did NOT do that too. I still think this should be a thing that everyone does. :-)