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Family Found BookFunnel Promotion

Join me and over forty other authors as we share some of our favorite family/found family stories!

Supportive families or found families is something I love to read and include in my own books. A sense of belonging, of support and love, of being uplifted, celebrated and cherished, are things that everyone should get to experience. Some people, and book characters, are lucky to be born into families that do all of the above. And some people (and again, book characters) find that support system through others. The saying friends are the families we choose exists for a reason. :-)

Sugar Crush, my book in this promo, has heroes Jack and Gabriel both finding families through their friendships. Jack is best friends with Shane Brennan and Gabe is best friends with Ryan Brennan. The tight-knit Brennan family adopts Jack and Gabe and includes them in everything, family dinners, holidays, etc., along with providing unwavering support and love.

I’ve also had the pleasure of reading several of my fellow promo authors' books, and here are a few that I'd like to share with you:

RJ Scott and VL Locey: So many of their books fit into the family/found family category.

One example is their Harrisburg Railers hockey series which features a team that acts like one big family. More hockey (and found families) from them include: RJ's Dallas Christmas, I loved Archie and Logan! and Vicki's Cayunga Cougars series, check out Coach's Challenge:

Chantal Mer: Her books always show strong families and friendships that are found families. They always have animals in them. Pets are family members too. :-) I adored Leon and Maalik (and their pets!) in Where I Belong:

Lane Hayes: She is another author on my auto-buy list. Her rock stars are found families, and I recommend ALL of them. Several of her other books fit the found family category too, like her Better Than series, where friends are like family. Better Than Friends is a book I've read countless times:


To get your fill of more family & found family books, check out this great collection from some fabulous LGBTQ authors:

The promo runs from May 7 through May 10.

Happy reading!


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