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Bliss Bakery series

Sugar Crush
Sugar Crush | Susan Scott Shelley

When horror novelist Jack Kramer is guilted into joining his best friend’s softball team, he’s not expecting to come face to face with the inspiration for his next novel. But one look at Gabriel Spencer, and his muse is off and running. Good thing, too, as his deadline is looming.

Bakery assistant Gabriel abhors anything with blood and gore, but he’s intrigued by Jack and agrees to help the sexy author. He’s not expecting the white hot attraction that builds every moment they are together, or how to handle dating someone who pushes him so far outside his comfort zone.

Happiness versus horror, sunlight versus shadows, early riser versus night owl, the men couldn’t be more different. Opposites attract, but are they too dissimilar to write their own happy ever after?

Originally featured in Love Is All: Romance Anthology, Volume 2, this story has been revised and expanded.

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When Sebastian Foster receives an invitation to a friend's wedding where he'll have to face his cheating ex, the baker is thrown into a tailspin. A decade of friendship prevents him from opting out. He'll have to go... and bring a boyfriend who doesn't exist to the wedding.

Austin Mitchell has crushed on Sebastian for months, but timing has always been an issue. The personal trainer can’t ethically date a client, but that doesn’t stop him from volunteering to be Sebastian’s plus one at the wedding, or from letting his meddling, matchmaking family think he and Sebastian are an item.

The fake relationship solves their problems… until it starts feeling all too real. Their partnership brings attraction, connection, chemistry, and understanding. But replacing the pretending label with something authentic means facing the fears that could tear them apart.  

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