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Bliss Bakery series

Sugar Crush
Sugar Crush, Bliss Bakery series

When horror novelist Jack Kramer is guilted into joining his best friend's softball team, he's not expecting to come face to face with the inspiration for his next novel. But one look at Gabriel Spencer, and his muse is off and running. Good thing too, as his deadline is looming. Shadowing the baker at work will aid his research, and for a sugar addict like Jack, Gabe's cupcakes and cookies are impossible to resist. Much like the man himself.

Voracious reader Gabriel abhors anything with blood and gore, but he's intrigued by Jack and agrees to help the author who has captivated him since the moment he spied Jack across a crowded room. Gabriel isn't expecting the white hot chemistry that builds every moment he and Jack are together, or to find they have any interests in common despite their many differences, but Jack surprises him.

The more time they spend together, the deeper their connection grows. But Gabriel doesn't know how to handle dating someone who pushes him so far outside his comfort zone, and Jack struggles with remembering a world exists beyond his keyboard. Opposites attract, but are they too dissimilar to write their own happy ever after?

Originally featured in Love Is All: Romance Anthology, Volume 2, this story has been revised and expanded.

Five months after an injury ended his pro football career, retired linebacker Hart Hoffman is finding his way, both in his new career as a baker and in a life that no longer revolves around football. And he’s secretly crushing on two of his coworkers. Life is good—until his impulsive gift to one of them is misunderstood… and drags Hart into a complicated dilemma.

Toby Walker spends his days helping customers select tasty treats. Sunny and enthusiastic, he’s worked hard to rebuild his life after a difficult year. Receiving a bouquet of flowers in the midst of the worst week ever, he’s flattered and excited by the thought of having a secret admirer. Romance has been on the back burner, but this brings his protected heart to life.

Max Doleman never expected to be working at a bakery, but he loves his job, all the free cake, and the friends he’s made there. Learning he misinterpreted the intention behind the gift, he feels responsible to fix things. He’s interested in both Hart and Toby, and when Hart admits to feelings for Toby and Max, Max proposes they team up to make the fictional admirer a reality. A win-win for everyone, if all goes to plan.

As gifts are sent and received and the countdown to Valentine’s Day is on, the trio discovers a connection that runs deeper than attraction. But is it enough for Cupid’s arrow to strike them all?

Heart of the Batter was originally featured in the Candy Hearts, Volume One charity anthology. Hart, Max, and Toby's story will be released on its own in Summer 2024


Shane Brennan's life is filled with managing the family gym, captaining his softball team, and being there for his family and friends, but something feels like it's missing. Though he worries he's somehow defective because he's never had the magical lightning bolt experience of falling in love, he longs to find someone of his own. When Charlie Macleod enters his world, Shane is struck hard, for the first time ever, and it shakes him to his core.

Charlie Macleod loves the friends he's found thanks to his marketing job at the bakery and the kick boxing class he takes at the Brennan's gym. Every interaction he has with Shane leaves Charlie craving more, but he's still rebuilding his life from his last relationship and Shane deserves someone who has their life together. When his apartment falls through on moving day, and he's left in the cold, Shane rides in to the rescue. And suddenly they're sharing a house, sharing a life, sharing kisses...

Becoming housemates allows them to see each other through a new lens. As they grow closer, keeping apart becomes harder, and falling into a relationship gives them everything they've ever wanted. Their families and friendships, jobs and hobbies are interwoven, and it seems like they are made for each other. Making their temporary arrangement permanent is a temptation, but is what they've found too good to be true?

Coming summer 2024

Home Made

When Sebastian Foster receives an invitation to a friend's wedding and a request to bake their cake, he’s thrilled, but his happiness ends at the discovery his cheating ex will also be present at the nuptials. He’s proud of the life he’s created for himself, though inventing the world’s best boyfriend has now come back to bite him. With only six weeks to find the perfect man, one everyone attending the wedding wants to meet, the clock is ticking fast.

The first time Austin Mitchell saw Sebastian, he knew the man was special. The personal trainer feels protective of the baker with the world’s best smile, and though he doesn’t do relationships, he jumps into the playing the part of Sebastian's boyfriend. Helping out Sebastian grants him time he hasn't allowed himself to have with the man and helps Austin too: if his meddling, matchmaking family think love has finally found him, they'll stop trying to set him up with every man they meet.

The fake relationship solves their problems… until it starts feeling all too real. Their partnership brings attraction, connection, chemistry, and understanding. But replacing the pretending label with something authentic means taking the risk to trust, and finding the courage to put their hearts in one another’s hands.

Coming autumn 2024

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