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How characters and series connect

The Bliss Bakery series

Jack Kramer and Gabriel Spencer (book 1, Sugar Crush) are best friends with Ryan Brennan (book 1, Mad Scramble, The Philadelphia Frenzy series) and Shane Brennan (Interference, book 3, The Philadelphia Frenzy series), respectively. All of the Brennan brothers make an appearance in all stories. 

Ashley Yates (book 2, Hometown Hero, The Philadelphia Frenzy series) is the owner of Bliss Bakery, and is a secondary character in all Bliss Bakery series books.

Austin of Perfect Pairing (book 2, Bliss Bakery series, coming Summer 2020) is a secondary character in Interference (book 3, The Philadelphia Frenzy series).

The Falling series

Ty Allen (book 1, Falling Faster) is friends with Slater Knox and Noah Alzado (Scoring Slater, book 6, The Buffalo Bedlam series).


Craig Simms, also of book 1, is friends with Luke Thompson (Love Song, book 2, Rocked by Love series). Luke makes an appearance in Falling Faster.

Buffalo Bedlam series

Leo Brennan (book 2, Fighting For More) is the brother of Ryan Brennan (Mad Scramble, book 1, The Philadelphia Frenzy series), Xavier Brennan (Hometown Hero, book 2, The Philadelphia Frenzy series), and Shane Brennan (Interference, book 3, The Philadelphia Frenzy series, coming Autumn 2020). Ryan, Xavier, and Shane make an appearance in Leo's story.


Slater Knox and Noah Alzado (book 6, Scoring Slater) are friends with Ty Allen (Falling Faster, book 1, The Falling series) and they are secondary characters in that story.


Jolt, the coffee shop the Buffalo Bedlam players frequent, is featured most of the Bedlam series books, and is also featured in All I Want (book 3, Holiday Hearts series). Holiday, NY (where the Holiday Hearts series takes place) is a fictional suburb of Buffalo.

The Philadelphia Frenzy series

Ryan Brennan (book 1, Mad Scramble) is the brother of Xavier Brennan (Hometown Hero, book 2), Shane Brennan (Interference, book 3, coming Autumn 2020) and Leo Brennan (Fighting For More, book 2, The Buffalo Bedlam series). All of the brothers make appearances in all brothers' stories.

Ashley Yates (book 2, Hometown Hero) is the owner of Bliss Bakery, and makes an appearance in all Bliss Bakery series books.

The Game of Love series

Irisa Rostov of Captivated (book 2) is the sister of Zander Rostov of Love Notes (book 1, Rocked by Love series). Captivated takes place at the same time as Love Notes.

Liam York of Enamored (book 3) is the cousin of Hunter York (Kiss Me Again, book 1, Holiday Hearts series), and makes an appearance in Marry Me (book 4, Holiday Hearts series).

Rocked by Love series

Zander Rostov (book 1, Love Notes) is the brother of Irisa Rostov of Captivated (book 2, Game of Love series). Love Notes takes place at the same time as Captivated.

Luke Thompson (book 2, Love Song), and bandmates Brandon and Landry make an appearance in Falling Faster (book 1, The Falling series)

Holiday Hearts series

Hunter York (book 1, Kiss Me Again) is the cousin of Liam York (Enamored, book 3, The Game of Love series).

Jolt, the coffee shop in All I Want (book 3 in this series), is the same coffee shop the Buffalo Bedlam players frequent, and is featured most of the Bedlam series books. Holiday, NY, where the Holiday Hearts series is set, is a fictional suburb of Buffalo, NY.

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