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Game of Love series

Rekindled | Susan Scott Shelley

Weary of small roles in low-budget films, actress Gemma Norwood isn’t sure if her heart still lies in making movies, but giving up would be admitting failure and throwing away her dream. An escape back to her hometown, a snow-covered small town in the Catskills, is the perfect place to contemplate her life. Even if the chances are pretty good that she’ll run into the one man who broke her heart. She can handle it. After all, she is an actress.

Winter is the worst season for pro baseball pitcher Adam Hudson. It gives him too much time to think. He may have physically healed from the line-drive that fractured his skull, but emotionally, he has a long way to go. Questioning whether he can continue to play the game he loves leads to questioning everything, including the choice he made that took Gemma away from him.

Coming face to face in nearly the same way they’d originally met, Adam and Gemma can’t deny their chemistry is still there, or that they’ve both kept tabs on each other in the four years since their break-up. But with so much time passed, and emotions unresolved, and things left unsaid, can they start something new, or will old hurts and new fear threaten to strike them out?

Domingo Torres, star center fielder for the Los Angeles Riptide, needs to stay off management's radar after a Spring Training game ended in flying fists and bloodshed. He's ordered to keep a lid on his temper and a low profile for the rest of the season. Keeping his focus solely on baseball isn't a problem -- until he meets his sexy new neighbor, and his thoughts shift to a lot more than his batting average.


After years of complete control in handling every aspect of her brother's multi-platinum selling rock band, Irisa Rostov is ready to crack. And it doesn't help that the band is on the verge of self-destruction. Playing peacemaker and keeping them together for the last eight weeks of their spring concert series is all that matters, until she meets Dom, and the feelings he stirs up causes the guards around her heart to weaken.


Getting distracted by romance is the last thing Irisa wants, and being in the headlines is the last thing Dom needs, but their attraction is undeniable, their connection is immediate, and staying away is impossible. 

Enamored | Susan Scott Shelley

A baseball romance double-header! Two stories in one!

After a Spring Training stunt saddles Liam York with a broken ankle, the League's Best Mascot is forced to share the spotlight with the team’s solution: a temporary friend for Fin the Shark. But his new co-worker tests the limits of his control.


Claire Devereux spent years caring for her siblings and is more than ready for some fun. She loves every aspect of being Fin’s new friend Fiona and is determined to make the temporary gig permanent.


As romance blooms between their on-field personalities, Liam and Claire give in to their passion off the field too. But curve balls from every direction test whether they're better as a duo or if it’s every mascot for him/herself.



First baseman Slade MacInnes has a lot of balls in the air. His contract is expiring, he’s just found his birth parents, and his agreement to do some work with a children’s charity has led him to the very sexy and sweet Savanna Soto.

Savanna works hard granting wishes to kids with life-threatening illnesses, something her sister never lived to experience. Slade's no-fear attitude and adrenaline-junkie adventures make her want to break out of her self-imposed safety bubble and live.

Slade figures he’s just the man to help her conquer her fears. Each activity draws them closer together with an attraction that sizzles. But when life pushes their differences to a head, will fear win out or can love save the game?

Game of Love | Susan Scott Shelley

Get books 1-3 from the Game of Love series all in one volume! 

Rekindled, Captivated, and Enamored.

Rekindled: Years after a gut-wrenching break up, an injured pitcher and a disillusioned actress get a second chance at love, but old hurts and new fears threaten to strike them out.

Captivated: A hot-headed center fielder ordered by his team to keep a low profile tangles with a rock band manager who can't stay out of the headlines. 

Enamored: When the League's Best Mascot's on-field relationship with his talented, sexy new partner continues off-field, curve balls from every direction test whether they are better as a duo or if it's every mascot for him/herself. Meanwhile, an adrenaline-junkie first baseman helps a cautious woman take on her fears, but when their differences come to a head, can love find a way to win?

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