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Holiday Hearts series

Kiss Me Again
Kiss Me Again | Susan Scott Shelley

Kira Kallis is newly thirty, tired of being single, and wants to find someone special in time for Valentine's Day. After spending years focusing on her career, she has a great job, and supportive family and friends, but life as the perpetual third wheel is lonely. Creating an online dating profile was the easy part. Navigating the lines between truth and illusion in her "matches" is a lot harder.


Hunter York has been friends with Kira for years. From morning runs to chats over coffee at the office, he loves the time they spend together. But it can't go further than that. She's his best friend's sister, his co-worker, and off-limits for too many reasons. When he learns that she's using a dating site, he insists on checking into her matches who draw too many questions and yield not nearly enough answers. Overprotective or not, he cares too much to risk anything happening to her.


The more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their connection and chemistry. Kira begins to wonder if the perfect match could have been by her side all along, and Hunter struggles with what could happen if he discards all the reasons he's wrong for her. But taking that step means going beyond paper hearts and chocolate-flavored kisses. It could mean risking a friendship they've both grown to depend on.

Aidan MacKay may be cool, calm, and collected in his Human Resources position for his Army buddy's toy company, but his battle with PTSD is anything but easy. Things change when he hires voiceover artist Skye Galen to record several company projects. Her voice calm, soothing, and just what Aidan needs. Their exchanges through email and phone calls only make him want more. 


After being burned in a fire, Skye has become a near-recluse. Hiding from the world is easier than facing people’s reactions. She is intrigued by Aidan and yearns for more but doesn't believe he can see past her scars. Aidan is determined to meet the woman behind the voice. Skye knows she'll have to brave the meeting if she wants her lucrative contract with his company to continue. 


Sparks fly, and they begin a tentative relationship. But Aidan fears his PTSD may scare Skye away. And Skye worries her insecurities will eventually push Aidan away. As the fourth of July draws near, fireworks are a guarantee, but they'll both have to face their biggest fears if they don't want their love to implode.

More Than Words

Damon Kallis is always in control, whether in his VP position for his family's toy company, captaining his men's rec league hockey team, or taking care of his friends. There isn't any room for romance in his well-ordered life. He made that mistake once, and it nearly cost him everything. Work, family, and friends are all he needs.


All Emily Lombardi needs is a job. After her ex poisoned her reputation as a reporter, no TV station is willing to give her a chance. When the job as Damon's executive assistant opens up, she's in the right place at the right time. Landing the position is simple compared to dealing with Damon -- the stubborn man won't let her in. 

Working in close quarters leads to accidental touches, lingering glances, and simmering passion. Soon, they can’t deny their attraction.

With the holiday season under way, Damon's ice starts to thaw, and Emily sees someone caring and real, someone she could count on. But their past experiences are hard to forget, and when their new-found love is tested, only a Christmas miracle can give them a happily-ever-after.

All I Want

Join Kira and Hunter from Kiss Me Again, Aidan and Skye from More Than Words, and Emily and Damon from All I Want as they say their I do’s.

Kira and Hunter have been planning their wedding for months. When their venue goes up in smoke two months before their big day, they are left scrambling to find a new location. 

Engaged for four months, Skye and Aidan have held off on making wedding plans. Aidan fears that Skye is getting cold feet, but Skye's reluctance stems from her mother's overbearing behavior. Still, she can’t put off the wedding forever. She just wants a way to celebrate without the focus being so much on herself.

And newly-engaged Damon can't wait to marry Emily, but her family is insisting on a wedding venue that’s booked solid for the next three years. He’s not happy about waiting but doesn’t see a way around it. Emily longs for something more unique and personal but is afraid to hurt the family by breaking with tradition.

When Emily recommends her favorite vacation spot as a substitute venue for Kira and Hunter, moving the wedding from Holiday, NY to Virginia Beach, VA, Damon sees an opportunity to solve all three couples' problems—a triple wedding.  

But a March nor’easter bearing down on the East Coast the weekend of their wedding spells disaster for the couples. And that's only the beginning.

Marry Me

Get books 1-4 from the Holiday Hearts series all in one volume! 

Kiss Me AgainMore Than Words, All I Want and Marry Me.

Kiss Me Again: A marketing director looking online for love enlists the help of her company's IT guy, never expecting to find love on her side of the computer screen.

More Than Words: A burn victim hiding from the world and a former soldier battling PTSD find healing in each other, but can love break through their defenses?

All I Want: A toy maker who has sworn off love isn’t prepared for his passionate new assistant, or the feelings she awakens.

Marry Me: A treacherous storm spells disaster for the three couples on the weekend of their shared wedding ceremony. And that's only the beginning.

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