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Philadelphia Frenzy series

Mad Scramble
Mad Scramble, the Philadelphia Frenzy series

Everson Montgomery’s entire life is devoted to ensuring the success of his pro football career. Strict rules about his diet, sleep habits, and training schedule keep him running like a well-oiled linebacker machine. There’s zero room for distractions… until he meets his teammate’s brother and is instantly smitten with the friendly, gorgeous, generous man.

Ryan Brennan has had a crush on the gridiron giant for years. When the opportunity to work together on a charity drive arises, he’s all in. Spending time with Everson, he sees the sweetness and vulnerability beneath the stoic exterior, and opens up his heart and his home. He’s learned the hard way that getting too close, too fast isn’t smart, but something keeps drawing him to Everson.

Everson doesn’t do relationships and Ryan doesn’t do hook ups, but they can’t stay away from each other. When chaos on the field and in the locker room spills over into everyday life, and past ghosts return to haunt them both, will they chase after their hearts or will their relationship be tackled before they have a chance to score?

Mad Scramble was originally featured in Love is All: An Anthology, and has since been expanded.

50% of all royalties from this novella will be donated to organizations that provide advocacy for and assistance to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Hometown Hero, the Philadelphia Frenzy series

When tight end Xavier Brennan is asked to participate in a charity baking competition with his teammates, the pro football player is torn. He doesn’t know the first thing about baking, and he doesn’t want to become a laughingstock on national TV. But he is a team player, and he can’t say no to helping a charity, especially one so close to his heart.

Bakery owner Ashley Yates is desperate to win the competition. It’s her last hope at saving her bakery and her mother’s legacy. Being paired with an athlete known for partying makes her nervous, but he assures her that he’s committed to the cause. As they bond over shared heartache and shared recipes, their connection becomes harder to deny.

Every touch, every taste, every moment spent together holds the promise of more. But attraction is a distraction. Will working together be a recipe for love, or will they both end up getting burned?

Hometown Hero was originally featured in the Love, Philly anthology, and has since been expanded.

Team Spirit, Philadelphia Frenzy series

Spending Halloween with his football teammates at the haunted estate where he had an encounter with the paranormal, Jasper Rome is hoping he’ll find answers to the questions he’s carried for a decade. As the scares mount, the kicker turns to his best friend Poe, but leaning on him risks revealing feelings Jasper is desperate to keep hidden.

Poe Macleod believes in the paranormal, but a haunted house that guarantees ghostly encounters makes him suspicious. What starts as an evening of offering support for his best friend also gives him a taste of what things would be like if he breaks his rule about not getting involved with a teammate.

They encounter spirits, shadows, and sounds they can’t explain away. But the estate isn’t the only place where the unknown lurks, and what is revealed hits closer to home than Jasper could ever imagine.

Team Spirit
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