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The Philadelphia Power Series

Against theRush
Against the Rush, Philadelphia Power series

Jalen Daniels loves his job as hockey coach to kids in the Philadelphia Power’s youth league. Coaching in the same league he played in and volunteering his time to a charity that brings the game to underserved communities takes up a lot of his time. The rest is filled with playing hockey in a rec league and bouncing at a nightclub. Meeting Leif Larsson, star player for the Power and father of one of the kids he coaches, knocks Jalen's busy life off balance and leaves him craving Philly's favorite Swede. 


Philadelphia Power defenseman Leif Larsson has devoted the last four years to being a dad and a hockey player, in that order. Focusing on being the best dad for his daughter and the best teammate and player for the team was all that mattered. But when he sees Jalen at a charity event, their connection is strong enough to push his heart into pursuing the talented, surprising, handsome man. 


Amid the bustle of hockey season, the sparks between Jalen and Leif ignite into something bigger and brighter than they’ve ever experienced. But navigating a relationship when their conflicting schedules make meeting up close to impossible is harder on their hearts than they anticipated. Can they find a way to score a win for love?

Over the Top
Over the Top, Philadelphia Power series

Calder MacKinnon has worked hard all season, striving to be the best player for the Philadelphia Power on the ice and off. Receiving the nomination of Rookie of the Year is gratifying after a year of devoting himself to the game, and it’s the perfect opportunity to ask his year-long crush, tailor Riggs James, to design his suit and be his date to the star-studded awards show. With the pressure of the season behind him, Calder can finally relax and is free to pursue the pull that draws him toward Riggs.

Riggs has worked hard making a name for himself designing custom fashion. Saying yes to Calder’s request to a weekend-long first date in New York City is a risk worth taking. Being among the biggest names in the game will give Riggs the chance to grow his brand and expand his clientele and experience a deeper connection with the man who’s sparked his interest through their year of flirtations. 


The thoughtfulness Calder pours into their date echoes the same caring detail Riggs stitches into the clothing he crafts for the man, and Riggs is surprised by how well-suited they are. Calder finds he can open up to Riggs faster and deeper than with anyone else, and longs for more than sharing just one weekend. The threads weaving them together tempt them to wonder, have they found their perfect fit in each other?

Over the Top was featured in the Love is All, vol. 6 charity anthology. No new content has been added. This is a novella of 20k words.

Behnd the Mask
Behind the Mask, Philadelphia Power series

Ryder Stone loves making people happy. He’s worked hard to turn Striker, the mascot for the Philadelphia Power, into a beloved fixture and fan favorite. Being Striker has given Ryder his livelihood, his friend group, and his best friend Sawyer, who’s been Ryder’s biggest cheerleader in their nearly decade-long friendship. But now, he’s seeing Sawyer in a new light. A romantic one.


Starting goalie for the Power, Sawyer Garcia, is a dog lover passionate about pet adoption, painting, hockey, and his friendships. The veteran hockey player has spent the last nine years in Philly, and his best friend Ryder is the reason the city feels like home. He’s a planner, but doesn’t know what to do about the feelings he’s developed for Ryder, the most important person in his world. 


One impulsive kiss changes everything and turns their worlds upside down. They’ve always clicked so well together and know each other better than anyone. Crossing the line from best friends to lovers has the potential to ruin their friendship, but also to give them more than they ever thought possible.

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