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Valentine's Day Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so excited to share my new release with you!

KISS ME AGAIN is the story of Kira, a marketing director looking online for love who enlists the help of Hunter, her older brother's best friend (and the company's IT guy), never expecting to find love on her side of the computer screen.

Fun fact: I met my husband through one of the online dating sites.

Here's the official word:

Kira Kallis, marketing director at her family's toy company, is newly thirty, tired of being single, and looking for love online. Hunter York, her older brother's best friend, runs the company’s IT department. He's protective and insists on checking into her online matches who draw too many questions and yield not nearly enough answers. As they spend more and more time together, Kira starts to imagine life with Hunter by her side. But his dedication to her brother, an Army buddy who saved his life, and her family, who gave him a chance when no one else would, makes her off limits in his eyes. Kira wants to find someone in time for Valentine's Day but as the date for celebrating love grows closer, her prospects aren't looking good. And Hunter, despite his resolve to remain just friends, wants nothing more than to be her Valentine.

I hope you enjoy this story! I had so much fun writing it and I love these characters.

Again, Happy Valentine's Day!

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