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Release Day for Mad Scramble

Mad Scramble is here! It's book one in the Philadelphia Frenzy series, and I'm so excited to introduce you to this new series.

First up, it's set in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA. I love my city (still live here!), and I love its sports teams. Actually, I love a lot of sports teams. You want to talk hockey or football, hit me up. :-)

Now, back to my boys.

In Philly, the sports complex, with the baseball stadium, the football stadium, and the arena that the hockey and basketball teams share is situated in South Philly. It's super convenient, and every time I'm down that way to watch a game, I always wonder what it would be like to live within walking distance to the complex. And so... my heroes live right there.

If you've read my Buffalo Bedlam hockey series, then you know that Leo Brennan (book 2 - Fighting For More) is from Philly, and his family still lives there. In Fighting For More, Leo and Kelsey visit Leo's family in Philly. And the rest of the Brennan brothers will be some of the heroes of the Frenzy football series.

Up first, in Mad Scramble, we have Ryan Brennan. Ryan is the baby of the family, and his brothers are overprotective and love giving advice, solicited and otherwise. :-)

Ryan has had a crush on Frenzy linebacker Everson Montgomery for the past three seasons. And when they meet, well, let's just say that it's not expected.

Everson takes his role as the first out player in the league seriously, He also is devoted to doing everything he can to be as successful as he can on the field - strict rules about nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc., and he doesn't have time for relationships. At all.

But when he meets Ryan, he can't make himself stay away.

Here's the official blurb:

Everson Montgomery’s entire life is devoted to ensuring the success of his pro football career. Strict rules about his diet, sleep habits, and training schedule keep him running like a well-oiled linebacker machine. There’s zero room for distractions… until he meets his teammate’s brother and is instantly smitten with the friendly, gorgeous, generous man.

Ryan Brennan has had a crush on the gridiron giant for years. When the opportunity to work together on a charity drive arises, he’s all in. Spending time with Everson, he sees the sweetness and vulnerability beneath the stoic exterior, and opens up his heart and his home. He’s learned the hard way that getting too close, too fast isn’t smart, but something keeps drawing him to Everson.

Everson doesn’t do relationships and Ryan doesn’t do hook ups, but they can’t stay away from each other. When chaos on the field and in the locker room spills over into everyday life, and past ghosts return to haunt them both, will they chase after their hearts or will their relationship be tackled before they have a chance to score?


Mad Scramble is available at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. To read an excerpt, and for teasers and buy links, head on over to Mad Scramble's page.

Football season is back! (Tonight, my Eagles are kicking off the season!). I hope you enjoy Ryan and Everson's story.

Happy reading!

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