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Book Boyfriend Day

National Book Boyfriend Day is this week! And, to celebrate, a group of MM authors (including me!) have put together a collection of some of our favorite stories.

Books by:

Charley Descoteaux, Elizabeth Noble, Brigham Vaughn, Anne Barwell, TL Travis, Avery Cockburn, Garrett Leigh, Kiki Clark, Amarra Skye, A.d. Ellis, Toshi Drake, Liv Rancourt, Susan Scott Shelley, Morgan Brice, Talia Carmichael, Jamie Lynn Miller, Anyta Sunday, Rhys Everly-Lawless, K-lee Klein, EJ Russell, Jodi Payne, Louisa Masters, Con Riley, Annabelle Jacobs, Stella Shaw, Clare London, Emy Calirel, JP Sayle, Sue Brown, Lillian Francis, BA Tortuga, Lisa Henry, Rebecca Cohen, Jay Northcote, Roan Parrish, Leta Blake, Rj Scott, & Kasia Bacon

My contribution is Falling Faster, a whirlwind weekend romance.

For Ty Allen, a trip to Los Angeles for a comic book collectors convention with his friends is the perfect place for the Buffalo based artist to hunt down rare issues for his collection, and take a much needed break. When he falls onto a display table, taking it down with him, and is saved from bodily injury by a man dressed as a popular comic book character, the trip takes an intriguing turn. One look into the dark eyes and sexy smile of the masked man with the lightning fast reflexes, and Ty wants to learn more.

Rock musician Craig Simms spends his spare time in a mask and a cape, bringing happiness to sick children in LA through his foundation. When he dives in to rescue Ty from a close call with the concrete floor, he ends up wrapped around the cutest guy he’s ever seen. As they work together to clean up his wrecked display, he’s drawn to Ty’s friendly, sweet nature, and doesn't want their interaction to end.

A whirlwind weekend of chemistry and connection has them free-falling into something bigger than they'd anticipated. Ty is like a perfect melody for Craig’s weary heart, and for Ty, Craig shifts every experience from muted tones to vibrant hues. But when the weekend is over, does what happens at the comic convention stay at the comic convention, or can they find a way to fit into each other's universes?

The promotion runs from October 1-10. You can check out all of the books here:

Happy reading!


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