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MM Romance Working Man Promo

Join me and twenty-eight other authors as we share some of our favorite working man reads!

My novel, Mad Scramble, features gym-owner Ryan who is doing everything he can to grow the family business, and Everson, a linebacker for Philly's pro team who devotes every second to ensuring the success of his football career. When the opportunity to work together on a charity drive for a LGBTQ homeless shelter arises, they both jump in. They can't fight the sparks flying between them, but is there room for love in their career-focused lives?

To get your fill of more working men, check out this fab group of books from some great LGBTQ authors:

The promo runs from June 11 through the 21st.

Participating Authors:

A.D. Ellis, Annabelle Jacobs, Anyta Sunday, BA Tortuga, Cara Dee, Clare London, Con Riley, David C Dawson, Elizabeth Noble, Emy Calirel, G.R. Lyons, Garrett Leigh, Jamie Lynn Miller, Jay Hogan, Jay Northcote, Jodi Payne, K-lee Klein, Kaje Harper, Lane Hayes, Lillian Francis, Nic Starr, Nora Phoenix, RJ Scott, Roan Parrish, Susan Scott Shelley, Talia Carmichael, V.L. Locey, Victoria Sue

Happy Reading!


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