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Pairings, a new addition to The Introverts Corner

Chantal Mer and I are excited to introduce a new addition to our YouTube channel, The Introverts Corner! We're bringing you Pairings: eat, drink, & read. In this series, we'll pair food and drink with romance novels.

The food and drink can be something from the novel, or something novel-inspired. Chantal came up with the idea, and I think it's brilliant. It also works well during this time of social distancing.

Our first episode features one of my books, Sugar Crush. There's a lot of baking in Jack and Gabe's story. :-)

We chat about why we choose our bakes, and about the story, and as always when we get together, there's a lot of laughter.

Up next, we'll choose one of Chantal's books, and after that, we plan to have visits with our romance author friends and their books. Episodes, barring any interruption, should come out on the third Friday of every month.

We're excited for this way to safely spend time together and with our author buddies, and to chat about books, and we hope you'll join us.

Watch Episode One here.


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