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Read an Ebook Week

It's Read An Ebook Week (March 7-13), and I'm celebrating by discounting a few of my books!

Up first, MAD SCRAMBLE and SKATING ON CHANCE. In Mad Scramble, there's zero room for romance in his football-focused world, but when he meets his teammate's brother, he can't make himself stay away. And in Skating on Chance, a hockey defenseman gets a second shot at love with the one man he can't make himself forget, but will their second shot at love be a game-winner, or ring hollow off the post?

I've teamed up with other bestselling LGBT romance authors to bring you a selection of our stories--all of which are on sale! Check them out here:


I've also discounted LOVE NOTES, CAPTIVATED, HOMETOWN HERE, and MORE THAN WORDS. In Love Notes, a rock star at the end of his rope finds salvation in his new tour manager, but their relationship could destroy his band. In Hometown Hero, when a tight end who can't bake and a baker desperate to save her mother's legacy are paired as teammates in a charity baking competition, will working together be a recipe for love or for disaster? In More Than Words, a burn victim hiding from the world and a veteran battling PTSD find healing in each other, but can love break through their defenses? And in Captivated, a hot-tempered centerfielder ordered to keep a low profile tangles with a rock band manager who can't stay out of the headlines.

For all of these stories, my full list, and the other books for sale during this week, visit me on Smashwords:

Happy Reading!


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